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The experts in Customer Service!

We provide individuals with the chance to develop their customer service, sales and communication skills and work on behalf of the best clients worldwide...

Customer Service

We want to provide the ultimate service for every client that we work with. Therefore, our Sales and Customer Service experts ensure the customer is always left with a positive impression about the brand they are representing.

Clients Growing


Due to client demand we are looking to consistently reach out to more customers across the United Kingdom. Each globally recognised brand we take on is looking for brilliant people to provide them with a great service. 

Our Approach

We are always looking to produce the best results for each client we work with. Therefore, our B2C, B2B and Events campaigns can provide the solutions needed to obtain long term customers.

A Client's Journey


Using Media

Social, TV and Radio avenues are used to advertise services.


Results - Media

Obtain a low ROI for the amount invested into In-Direct methods.


Direct Solution

Look for a direct solutions company to provide quality customers.


Choose Us

We use our experts to provide long term success for a client.

Power of Face to Face

All our sales and customer service experts love the opportunity to speak with customers face to face. It gives them the opportunity to present a product or service, deliver brand awareness and build impeccable relationships with each customer.


Personal Touch

We ensure each customer is engaged in a positive manner and left with a unique experience.

Quality Acquisitions

We target the correct audience for every client we represent and provide the best ROI (Return On Investement).


Building relationships is crucial as we want to maintain a great connection with both the customer and the client.


We have such great results for the clients we work with, that we receive on-going requests to use our services.

Explore our Benefits

We provide a range of different benefits and recognise people for their great quality and high performance.


Have the opportunity to travel to amazing destinations across the UK and worldwide.


Win awards and get recognised for your efforts, customer service and performance.


We strengthen relationships within the team and have fun with a wide range of activities.

Contact Us

You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via email. You can visit our office personally between 9am - 5pm

  • 23 Barker Gate, Nottingham NG1 1JU
  • Landline : 0115 950 9225
  • Mobile : 0748 333 2075
  • [email protected]

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